PT. MECONEL SISTIM INSTRUMENT and Associates was established based on the experitise experienced and skilled of human resources to response client needs.

We are a full service company spedalizing in: Procurement, Contruction, Fabrication and System Development for the Industrial communities.

With a diverse dientele base, we bring a broad range of experience and expertiseto you.

We appredate the opportunity to review our capabilities and we respectfully submit the following your review.

Our Instrument and Electrical engineers have completed fied Instrumentation level, pressure, temperature, flow analysis) and automation system design and palnning.

The experience includes system studies, design and planning service design and planning.

Their exposure to different industries provides a board base of experience to draw from when unique and challenging situations arise.

Our process experience encompasses a board range of industries and applications, including Chemical, Power Plant, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Manufacturing. It’s this boad spectrum of experience that allows us the capability to be introduced to new processes and understand them.

Our ability to work with you on your process while using technology and experience to provide an efficient solution to meet the needs of your facility and project goals is a key factor in our continued success.

We provide a staff experienced with the major (and a number of the of the not so major) manufacturers of Field Instrumentation and PLC based control.


Menjadi salah Satu Perusahaan terbaik di bidang pengadaan barang dan jasa .


- Mengutamakan kualitas pekerjaan Dalam setiap proyek

- Selalu menunjukan hasil yang optimal Kepada pengguna barang dan jasa

- Memenuhi kebutuhan pelanggan dengan Produk dan pelayanan yang berkualitas

- Selalu berusaha meningkatkan kemampuan Kompetensi engineer di lapangan .